With a core belief that we’re stronger together, we work collaboratively with travel, tourism, and hospitality organizations to attract what they need to grow and thrive.

Travel Alliance Partnership is much more than a services and solutions agency. We are deeply passionate about the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry and are unwaveringly committed to serving our clients and member community. Serving at all levels – individuals, teams, organizations, and regions – we offer a full spectrum of services to help you attract what your organization needs to grow and thrive.

Our Purpose

We believe that tourism makes or breaks entire regions and is critical to economic development. Our purpose is to support economic growth and prosperity within the communities we serve.

Our Unique Point of View

Community collaboration and partnerships are essential for the growth and prosperity of every organization in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.

What We Do

We work primarily with 2nd and 3rd tier destinations, helping travel, tourism, and hospitality organizations attract what they need to grow and thrive.

The Journey Behind Our True Calling

Our Valued Clients

Our Values

At TAP, we live by 7 guiding principles that direct how we operate and serve. These are grounded in everything we do and they guide us, every day.

Impact Through Connection, Community & Collaboration

Drawing on decades of collective experience, we boldly embrace cathedral thinking and strive to create something truly exceptional. Experience the transformative power of connection, community, and collaboration when you choose to work with us.

We invite you to become part of the TAP community in whatever way best serves your organization.

Our team is an extension of your team

Nicole Mahoney

Nicole Mahoney

CEO, Travel Alliance Partnership
Podcast Host, Destination on the Left

Rhonda Carges square

Rhonda Carges

Executive Vice President of Operations

Sarah Martin square

Sarah Martin

Vice President of Client Services

Camille Zess square

Camille Zess

Vice President of Digital & Growth

Sarah Imes square

Sarah Imes


Director of Strategic Partnerships

C. Onuffer square

Colleen Onuffer

Director of Public Relations