Guaranteed Departures Brochure

TAP's Guaranteed Departures brochure showcases a broad collection of one-of-a-kind experiential travel programs created by a regional travel expert. From spectacular scenery and adventure to rail journeys and sporting events, TAP travelers can be assured of both a professionally packaged travel getaway, as well as a once-in-a-lifetime guided tour, that brings together the best of the destination with authentic local insight. Our Guaranteed Departures have no passenger minimums and will never cancel once a deposit is secured.

Dream Destinations Magazine

The tours in this magazine represent our Guild Member regions that have won high acclaim for their beauty, music, outdoor adventure, cuisine and more. The TAP commitment is to provide you with quality and value-added tour experiences by combining our expertise with the regional knowledge and assistance of our Guild Members. The destination partners represented in this catalog are also committed to Travel Alliance Partnership. They work with us as a team to provide you with the best tour experiences in North America!