Impact Through Connection, Community & Collaboration

From small destinations and local attractions, to regional or international tour operators, everyone has a part to play in our tour & travel ecosystem. Join the TAP community, where relationships are strong, the members are your peers, and collaboration is the key to mutual benefits.

Tour Operators

TAP was first formed by tour operators to fill each other’s tours, and collaborative growth continues to be the heart of the TAP community. Membership as a TAP tour operator offers the ability to reduce operating costs, increase awareness within the industry and gain fresh perspectives.

Guild Membership

As a DMO or destination product TAP Guild member, you can build strong relationships with TAP Tour Operators through quarterly meetings and cooperative marketing. Guild members receive special invitations, priority status and ROI reports.

PPTP Community

Suppliers (DMOs and destination products) who participate in the TAP community are called PPTPs: Preferred Professional
Travel Providers. PPTPs are eligible to attend TAP Dance, where they are grouped into regional pods for focused sessions with TAP Tour Operators. Paid membership is not required to participate as a PPTP, but Guild membership offers increased benefits and exposure at TAP Dance.

Find out why light-hearted is one of our core values – watch this fun video and find out what PPTP really stands for!