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We know that being a Tour Operator in today’s modern world is not easy. In fact, you are faced with challenges every day, including worrying about:

  • Building credibility and searchability for your travel products online
  • Maintaining higher-than-ever standards to stay competitive
  • Keeping up with changing contacts for your destinations, attractions, and accommodation partners
  • Continually growing your customer database and reaching new audiences
  • Streamlining day-to-day operations so you can do more with fewer resources

Hear what our TAP Tour Operator Partners have to say about the power of partnership – watch below!

TAP Partner Benefits

Increased Revenue & Profit

As a TAP Tour Operator, you can increase your sales by expanding your product offerings and gaining access to new markets through your TAP partners. As you spend less time on product development, you will also reduce your operating costs by buying from TAP Partners and marketing through TAP.

Buying & Selling Power

TAP Partnership gives you a competitive edge, as you benefit from lower operational costs, special discounts, rebates and commissions with TAP’s collective buying power. You also benefit from customized products and services which are specifically designed for small-to-mid-sized businesses.

Valuable Peer Network

Our community of travel professionals have high standards, business ethics, and quality products. Our members benefit from the partner peer network for shared business practices, advice and organized peer learning groups.

Supplier Relationships

The TAP community believes in the mutually beneficial nature of industry connections. We honor both sides of the supplier/buyer relationship. Our partners grow and thrive with TAP’s network of destinations, attractions, and accommodations.

Fresh Perspectives from an Industry Leader

TAP’s research, collaborations, content curation, and thought leadership illustrate the bigger picture of our industry and help our community forecast and generate new opportunities and innovative ideas. We understand that our industry is dynamic with constantly evolving landscapes, and we foster a culture of flexibility and adaptability and encourage a growth mindset.

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Join TAP to be part of a community of like-minded North American Tour Operators with global reach who enhance each other's business through collaboration.

By purchasing product from TAP Partner peers, each Tour Operator can spend more time generating new customers and less time on product development.

Become a TAP Tour Operator Partner today to get access to a wider audience, reduced corporate rates, the power of partnership and more.

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