The Power of Partnership

We know that being a DMO or attraction in today’s modern world is not easy. Travel Alliance Partnership is a strategic thinking partner that helps you stay ahead of the industry’s current reality to achieve better results. We help with the many challenges you are faced with everyday including:

  • Managing workload with reduced staff and resources
  • Balancing various and sometimes competing priorities by stakeholder groups
  • Meeting expectations based on expanded roles and programs
  • Keeping up with a constantly changing landscape

Find out how TAP Guild Members build deeper relationships and what they have to say about being part of the community – watch below!

Guild Member Benefits

Collaborative Community

Lean on industry peers and connect with other collaboration partners through TAP’s diverse and vast community to help your organization grow and thrive. Exchange ideas, share resources, and give and receive support. We are skilled at fostering mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations, and we can help you create partnerships that boost your business or organization.

Increased Awareness

TAP Guild Members benefit from guaranteed opportunities to interact with the TAP Tour Operators at our TAP Dance Travel Conference and quarterly Guild calls. Your destination or attraction will be highlighted at the TAP Dance conference as a valued champion of the community. Guild Members are also given priority for additional opportunities to reach the TAP buyer community through webinars, brochures, and newsletter profiles.

Measurable ROI

With customized tracking reports, you’ll have access to the industry’s only proven tracking program with key statistics and results detailing TAP Partners’ activity for a specific destination, providing valuable ROI data.

Supplier Relationships

The TAP community believes in the mutually beneficial nature of industry connections. We honor both sides of the supplier/buyer relationship. Our members grow and thrive within TAP’s network of tour operators, destinations, attractions, and accommodations. All TAP Tour Operators rely on the Guild network to support and move market share for our Guild Members with their tour products.

Fresh Perspectives from an Industry Leader

TAP’s research, collaborations, content curation, and thought leadership illustrate the bigger picture of our industry and help our community forecast and generate new opportunities and innovative ideas. We understand that our industry is dynamic with constantly evolving landscapes, and we foster a culture of flexibility and adaptability and encourage a growth mindset.

Join Us

Are you ready to join TAP’s Guild program and form stronger relationships with TAP Partners? Begin your journey and experience the benefits of our collaborative community today!

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