carbon county WY

Carbon County Visitors Council

When it’s time to “Get Your West On,” it’s time to head for Wyoming’s Carbon County. Located high on the Continental Divide in south-central Wyoming, this gem sits astride Interstate 80 for easy access from points east and west. This vast 7,964 square mile county boasts two scenic byways, the North Platte and Little Snake River Valleys, Encampment River, Saratoga Hobo Hot Springs, National Forests, wilderness areas and the Continental Divide Trail. Within its perimeters lie the towns of Rawlins, Sinclair, Hanna, Medicine Bow, Elk Mountain, Saratoga, Riverside, Encampment, Savery, Dixon, and Baggs.

The area’s wide-open spaces, coupled with low population, makes for some of the best outdoor recreational opportunities around. If you love the great outdoors, Carbon County is the place to be. Nowhere else will you find such diversity of landscape and unspoiled wide-open spaces. Come discover pristine mountains, exotic deserts, rivers teeming with “blue ribbon” trout, mineral hot springs, fascinating museums and historic sites and plenty of authentic Western adventure. For local culture, schedule your visit around one of their exciting annual events, like the Woodchopper’s Jamboree & Rodeo or Mountain Man Rendezvous.

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