How to Reach Your Ideal Customer Base with Digital Marketing, with Camille Zess

Episode 305

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Camille uses her creative magic with words combined with strategy to create and execute high-quality marketing campaigns for Break the Ice Media’s clients. She approaches projects by looking at the big picture, whether as a project manager, writer, or problem solver. She oversees accounts and provides strategic direction for destination clients and their stakeholders, as well as directing and executing Facebook advertising campaigns. When Camille’s not at work, she loves experimenting with new craft projects and playing clarinet in a community orchestra. She also sits on the board of a local non-profit organization focused on personal growth, providing strategic marketing and direction.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Camille Zess. Camille is part of the Break the Ice Media team, and she joins me on the show to share her expertise in digital marketing. She discusses how one of our tour operator clients rejuvenated their marketing after the COVID-19 pandemic and gives examples of how she was able to work with them to spread their message. Camille also dives into the details of how you can prepare your marketing plans for 2023.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How Camille approaches planning for a digital campaign
  • Why it’s essential to ensure your strategy aligns with the goals of your business
  • How digital advertising helps companies find customers even when they’re in the dreaming and planning stage
  • Real-life examples of how Break the Ice Media has had great results from the digital marketing strategies and tactics Camille has implemented
  • Tips for optimizing a landing page for conversion
  • The importance of looking after your existing customer database
  • What kinds of tweaks Camille is considering for digital advertising campaigns moving into 2023
  • How to download the Break the Ice Media guide: Facebook & Instagram Advertising for Tourism Marketers

Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Client work always starts with strategy — we need to ensure that everything we’re planning aligns with the business’s goals and focuses on their target audience. Digital advertising follows the customer journey on their path to booking, from their spark of inspiration when they start dreaming about where they’re going to go to the planning and booking phase and finally experiencing their destination and sharing their reviews.

So as part of the marketing team, we need to consider strategies that will reach people dreaming of a vacation to find your destination, product, or service.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Landing pages are so crucial for every kind of marketing campaign, but a true landing page has no additional navigation. It doesn’t give the user any opportunity to click away from the information we want them to interact with. On your landing page, it’s essential to include great visuals and a call to action as high on the page as possible — to guide visitors to take that action.

Should You Still Be Advertising on Facebook?

Facebook has its flaws, and there has been a certain amount of controversy about the platform, but it’s still such a valuable channel that gives good results. In 2021, prices increased in terms of cost per click and cost per result on Meta’s channels but compared to many other types of digital media advertising, they are still relatively cost-effective.


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