Insights from the 2022 Destinations International Convention (Part Two), with Nicole Mahoney

Episode 294

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For the second episode in a special two-part series of Destination on the Left episodes, I talked to ten inspiring leaders in the world of destination marketing all about successful partnerships that their destinations are taking forward into the post-pandemic world. My interviewees also share the most significant challenges they are facing today and how they are moving through them creatively to serve their residents, visitors, and partners alike. I’m excited to share these mini-interviews, and I hope you find them as fascinating and insightful as I did.

In this episode, you’ll hear from these extraordinary leaders:

  • Louise Bishop – President of South County Tourism Council in Rhode Island
  • Olivia Novak – Marketing Manager with Discover Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Paul Nursey – CEO of Destination Greater Victoria, BC
  • Racene Frieda – CEO of Glacier County Regional Tourism Commission in Montana
  • Rachel Ludwig – CEO of Tourism Canmore Kananaskis in the Canadian Rockies
  • Rachel Riley – Associate Vice President of Communications for the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board
  • Rebecca McKenzie – President and CEO of the Culinary Tourism Alliance
  • Sarah Hughes – Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Visit Norfolk
  • Scott McCray, President, and CEO of Fairbanks Alaska
  • Stuart Butler – Chief Marketing Officer with Visit Myrtle Beach

Stories of Inspiring Partnerships at the Destinations International 2022 Annual Convention

I love coming to the Destinations International Annual Convention because it provides a unique opportunity to come together as marketing specialists, network, share ideas and discuss our wins and our challenges. I asked each of my guests this week to share the word that they would use to describe the convention, and each of these wonderful leaders shared a word or idea that really encompassed the experience of attending the event, from ‘opportunity’ to ‘camaraderie.’ I was also excited to learn about the creative partnerships all of the destinations represented in this show have built to move forward.

Louise Bishop of South County Tourism Council

Lousie joins me to share why she feels it is so important for her destination to partner with environmental and coastal resource management organizations, in addition to the cities and towns that make up the South Country region. She also discusses techniques she uses to get all of the stakeholders in a project on the same page and going in the same direction.

Olivia Novak of Discover Lancaster

Olivia is one of the Destinations Internations 2022 30 under 30 honorees, and she joins me to discuss the key partnership her organization started with the Lancaster Farmland Trust, food producers, and local restaurants to promote an amazing restaurant week in Lancaster that became a win-win for everyone and enabled all of the partners to realize their goals.

Paul Nursey of Destination Greater Victoria, BC

Paul and I talk about Destination Greater Victoria’s goal to lead the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic in a sustainable way. He shares the details of the Impact Sustainability Conference that his destination launched and how and why it has become a leading international conference.

Racene Frieda of Glacier County Regional Tourism Commission

Racene tells us all about the challenges her destination faced during the COVID-19 pandemic when a whole new type of visitor discovered the state of Montana as a desirable destination and how the solution to managing these unexpected tourists resulted in new public-private partnerships that have lasted beyond the pandemic.

Rachel Ludwig of Tourism Canmore Kananaskis

Rachel shares how her DMO in the Canadian Rockies started up as a new destination and why forming a new destination marketing organization intent on building a solid foundation of trust in the community and partnerships takes time, effort, and skill. She also shares why her words to describe the Destinations International Convention are ‘opportunity’ and ‘connection.’

Rachel Riley of Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board

Rachel highlights the importance of partnerships in destination marketing and shares how a collaboration between the County Commerce Department, Chambers of Commerce, and the Tourism Office created the ‘Make It Main Street’ campaign and hashtag as a way to help the community out of the pandemic and boost local businesses.

Rebecca McKenzie of the Culinary Tourism Alliance

Rebecca shares how the Culinary Tourism Alliance, a not-for-profit Destination Development Organisation based in Toronto, Ontario, works with member destinations to help them grow partnerships. She also very rightly points out that those authentic partnerships are the key to creating those unforgettable experiences that the consumer is looking for.

Sarah Hughes of Visit Norfolk

Sarah tells us all about the City with Bite video series that Visit Norfolk launched and why it’s doing so well that they’ve just finished filming their second season. She discusses why her destination was inspired to focus on a chef-owned restaurant in each show highlighting everything from why they opened a restaurant in Norfolk to their specialties in the kitchen.

Scott McCray of Fairbanks, Alaska

I was excited to hear all about how the Tourism Office and Chamber of Commerce in Fairbanks rallied up their business partners and members of the local community to participate in positive picketing by holding pep rallies outside of local hospitals during shift changes to show support and thanks for health care workers during COVID-19. Scott shares their behavior’s effect on hospital staff and why the business community was inspired to take action.

Stuart Butler of Visit Myrtle Beach

Stuart shares how his team rallied the brilliant people in the agencies that his organization at Visit Myrtle Beach works with, who are used to working in siloed organizations to perform cross-functionally. He goes on to explain how connecting people and organizations has led to better problem solving, more efficiency, and more effective campaigns.

Challenges and Silver Linings

In all of these mini-interviews, I asked similar questions about some of the challenges that destination marketing organizations face. Many of my guests cited workforce as being an issue they needed to put time and thought into currently, and although that didn’t surprise me, frankly, I was wowed by the breadth of creativity that the travel and tourism community is putting into solving the problem – and some of the unexpected positive side effects of that creativity. We also discuss the importance of partnerships to DMOs, and they shared their predictions for the future of the travel marketing industry.

I hope you enjoy the second part of the two-part Destinations International 2022 Annual Convention series. I’m excited to share it with you.

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