How to Access Travel Grants, with Lolita Jackmon

Episode 336

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Lolita Jackmon is a highly accomplished professional who began her career in the hospitality industry, working for renowned hotels and airlines. With a deep-rooted passion for travel and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, she quickly established herself as an asset in the industry.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, Lolita transitioned into grant writing, focusing her efforts on increasing diversity in STEM majors through partnerships. Through her expertise in crafting winning programs and proposals, she successfully secured grants to promote inclusivity and empower underrepresented individuals to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

With a keen eye for detail and a talent for evaluating grant proposals, Lolita expanded her career by collaborating with grant funding organizations. Her meticulous evaluation of proposals ensured that resources were directed towards impactful initiatives, fostering innovation and societal change.

Lolita’s journey led her into a flourishing project management career, where she excelled in strategic planning, budgeting, and stakeholder engagement. Her ability to lead cross-functional teams and deliver projects successfully while maintaining a focus on quality and client satisfaction earned her widespread acclaim.

Motivated by her unwavering love for travel and her desire to help others experience the wonders of the world, Lolita embarked on the entrepreneurial path, founding her own travel business. Drawing from her expertise in the travel industry, grant writing, and project management, she is committed to curating exceptional travel experiences that leave a lasting impact while promoting sustainability and inclusivity.

As a multifaceted professional with extensive experience in hospitality, grant writing, and project management, Lolita brings a unique perspective to the travel industry. Through her writing, she strives to empower travel businesses with valuable insights, resources, and opportunities, enabling them to navigate challenges, embrace innovation, and contribute to the industry’s recovery and growth.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Lolita Jackman, who shares her passion for travel and where she looks for travel inspiration that enables her to help her clients with their dream vacations. We also do a deep dive into the topic of grant writing as Lolita walks us through the research initiation and planning phases of grant writing, shares some of her favorite tools, and warns of the pitfalls to watch out for when approaching grants.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Key elements to consider when building a successful grant application
  • How Lolita built Global Gypsy Travel and what sets her approach apart from other travel agencies
  • The importance of planning and strategic partnerships when applying for and managing a grant
  • Strategies that you can use to find, evaluate, and apply for federal, state, and private grants
  • Benefits of working with a grant writing coach, and how can they help improve the success rate of grant applications

Collaborating to Achieve Your Goals

In this episode of Destination on the Left, Lolita shares her experiences and insights into the travel industry and grant writing, offering valuable tips and advice for those who are interested in pursuing either (or both!).

One of the key takeaways from this episode is the importance of collaboration. Lolita emphasizes the value of having partners in achieving your goals, whether in grant writing or consulting with clients. She also shares how her company Global Gypsy Travel allows for a wide range of options for clients.

Reach Out to Your Network

Collaboration is essential when it comes to grant applications — Lolita stresses the importance of finding potential partners and building a network when seeking grants. Not only does this help demonstrate a wide range of support for your project, but it can also open up opportunities for further collaboration and growth beyond the initial grant.

Successfully Applying for a Grant

Another valuable insight shared by Lolita is the importance of thorough planning and budgeting. She discusses how it can be tempting for applicants to assume that their chosen subject “should” be funded without properly explaining the issue and demonstrating why there is a need for it.

In order to build a successful case study and stand a chance at securing significant grants, proper planning and budgeting are essential. This includes identifying partners and creating a memorandum of understanding before submitting an application, and having a clear and thorough explanation of each item in the budget and how it will be used.


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