The Intersection of Storytelling, Collaboration, and Attractions, with Geoff Thatcher

Episode 380

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On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Geoff Thatcher about telling great stories and why they impact how people experience your brand. Geoff shares examples of his revolutionary experiential framework in action and gives his insights into staying focused, finding the right partners, forgiving allowable weaknesses, and remembering to have fun.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why experiencing new things is essential for inspiring creativity in the hospitality and experience industry
  • How Geoff applies his experiential framework to create immersive and emotional experiences at theme parks, museums, and other attractions
  • How to identify the right partner to help realize a shared vision
  • Why understanding and translating a brand’s story into consumer experiences is crucial for creating impactful experiences
  • Creative solutions that Geoff has helped to implement in theme parks and attractions across the world
  • Geoff’s insights and advice for listeners planning a collaboration and why it’s critical to clarify team roles

The Experience Model and Creating Lasting Impressions

Geoff introduces the “experience model,” which comprises five elements: attract, build trust, give information, internalize the message, and challenge people to act. He draws examples from theme parks and museums, highlighting how the model is applied to create immersive and emotional experiences.

The best experiences, whether in museums or zoos, follow this experience model to attract, build trust, inform, evoke emotion, and ultimately engage visitors to be part of the story. Geoff’s model is a blueprint for attractions to engage their audience on multiple levels, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a sense of connection.

The Power of Storytelling and Trust

We dig into the significance of storytelling and trust-building in creating authentic and impactful experiences at attractions, and Geoff outlines a formula for attractions to define their enduring idea, differentiation, and target audience to guide the experience they want to deliver. He also shares the importance of collaboration and partnership in the industry, and the importance of finding the right partners that have a shared vision to create a lasting experience.


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