Advertising on the Move, with Greg Star

Episode 313

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Greg Star is the Co-Founder of Carvertise, an advertising company that enables companies to advertise on private commuter vehicles. This is so companies can advertise in a novel, targeted, and grassroots way while everyday people can earn additional passive income for advertising for a brand they like and support.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Greg Star about how Carvertize helps destinations stand out and increase ROI through creative advertising. We also discuss several creative examples of destinations that have leveraged his methods.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How Carvertise evolved from a college project into a sophisticated business
  • The technology and analytics behind finding the right cars to advertise on
  • The efficiencies of bringing the printing in-house
  • When Greg realized that his company could help the travel and tourism industry
  • How Carvertise helps destinations stand out from the crowd
  • Some case studies of how Carvertise’s clients, including a Pride Parade and a College Football organization, have used them to stay top of mind with their target market
  • The metrics Greg measures to evaluate the success of Carvertise’s campaigns
  • What ‘mindshare’ means to Greg, and how the term epitomizes collaboration for him

Data-Driven Insights

In advertising, you have to be creative, but you also have to pay attention to the data. Greg Star shares how his company Carvertise digs into the analytics of each client’s campaign to understand how to make an intelligent match between drivers and advertisers and how they present that information to their clients.

Greg also discusses how the company has evolved over the last ten years and what kind of infrastructure they have built on the backend to get to a point where technology and data intelligence insights are driving them forward.

Identifying Opportunities

Carvertise started as a small project founded by college students, and since then, it has evolved into a successful company that allows organizations to advertise their products and services creatively. The company’s co-founder, Greg, explains how they got their organization off the ground by paying close attention to the Delaware governor’s public schedule, attending events, building a business network, and ultimately connecting with the Delaware director of tourism.


DMOs are looking to stand out in a crowded market, and an essential part of doing so is identifying their ideal market. Carvertise helps destinations reach their audience creatively via market activation – the process of directing local event-goers to complimentary activities or attractions. Greg shares details of how Carvertise is agile enough to hit the streets exactly where those ideal visitors are and promote other attractions they’ll love.


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