How to Personalize Your Destination Marketing, with Gregory Lim

Episode 256

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Greg was previously the CMO at LifeLock. He is a seasoned executive with a unique knowledge of start-ups and how to create an innovative strategy and align it with practical execution to achieve exceptional results. Greg possesses a progressive and diverse background in Marketing (brand management, digital and traditional marketing, business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing), Finance (budgeting, planning, debt & equity raise, IPO), and Operations (process improvement, risk management, call centers, and reporting & analytics). He has over 17 years of experience, ranging from Chief Marketing Officer of a $1B+ public company to the financial lead of a start-up that went public.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Greg Lim, who gives his actionable tips on ways you can create meaningful connections with prospective customers through personalization and data. He demystifies how to incorporate personalization into your marketing by sharing his crawl, walk, run approach to implementing new marketing tactics. Greg also highlights the importance of collaboration between destination marketing organizations and how personalization can boost the success of co-op programs.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to deliver different personalized experiences to help a wide range of audiences and potential visitors in their trip planning
  • Why differentiate landing pages according to interest then extend the customer experience to your core website
  • How we’ve normalized bad communication and bad behavior in marketing through the historical limitations of technology
  • Using touchpoints to personalize a consumer experience to engage and delight virtual visitors
  • Approaching marketing personalization from a crawl, walk, run perspective with regards to technology
  • Technical solutions that allow marketers to take control of their campaigns and integrate their social media channels

Prioritize Your Website Marketing

Invest in your website — because that’s where all of your social channels and your marketing are sending everyone. So, if you invest in your website, your website performs better, and you’ll get a better conversion rate and return on your investment.

You can also build new partnerships and add value to your existing partners with your destination marketing site. Personalization can empower your team to go out and find collaboration opportunities. With your destination marketing site, you can create an exciting way to expand your partnership inventory and serve the different audiences coming to your website.

Personalization Shouldn’t Be Overwhelming

Gregory shares the common-sense middle ground in marketing personalization. He gives his insights on how to deliver meaningful experiences to your consumers that delight them and do it in a way that is not invasive.

You want to create a powerful experience for them that will ultimately drive your business results. The most significant opportunity for the travel and tourism industry is to take all the micro conversations and engagements that we already have with our visitors then carry that same conversation through to the website.
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