Cultivating a Transformative Mindset, with Meredith Calloway

Episode 375

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On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Meredith Calloway, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of Gifted Travel Network (GTN). She shares more about the inspiration behind her community of luxury travel advisors and her nuggets of wisdom about how to develop and cultivate a brand message that will help you stand out from the crowd by finding your brilliance.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How Meredith transitioned from working in finance to starting a travel business and founding Gifted Travel Network
  • Why finding one’s “zone of genius” and pursuing a passion is crucial for any business owner
  • How Meredith’s community fosters connections and holds members accountable through mastermind meetings and group coaching
  • Why travel advisors need to cultivate their brand message and uniqueness to stand out in a crowded market
  • Strategies Meredith’s travel advisors used to navigate challenges during the pandemic and achieve exponential sales growth
  • How a transformative mindset contributes to success and what resources are available for mindset tips in the travel industry

Nurturing Community Professional Growth

Meredith explains how her community works and the importance of offering solid content, group coaching, and experiences to meet the needs and wants of her members. They use mastermind meetings and group coaching to foster connections, share knowledge, and hold each other accountable. This approach helps them create a nurturing and engaged environment where members can learn from each other and collectively thrive.

Embracing Change and Adversity

We also dig deeper into the concept of accidental business owners, particularly in the context of the travel advisor profession. The shifts in the travel industry, compounded by the challenges of the pandemic, led many travel agents to become accidental entrepreneurs. Meredith shares how her advisors leaned into the adversity, using their resilience and community support to pivot and find success in turbulent times, even inspiring improvements in many travel advisors’ businesses.

Find Your Brilliance

Turning toward the future, Meredith expresses excitement about potential opportunities in the luxury travel industry and emphasizes why we need to shift the public’s perception of travel advisors from mere order takers to designers, project managers, and master coordinators. Meredith also encourages travel advisors to fully understand their niche, share their unique brand message, and find their brilliance to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

We also discuss the transformative power of mindset and its impact on personal growth. Meredith highlights the importance of an abundant mindset in embracing change and navigating challenges.


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