Building an Arts & Culture Audience with Facebook Advertising

How this Case Study may be relevant to you: This regional program uses grant funding to reach potential visitors and residents to drive engagement and increase interest in visiting.

In its first 9 months, the campaign drove over 13,000 clicks to the website.


Situational Analysis

CNY Arts has been promoting, supporting and celebrating the arts in Central New York since 1957. The organization is actively working to attract visitors to the area to enjoy and experience the vibrant arts community.

The Challenge

In a crowded marketplace, CNY Arts needed to stand out as the one-stop for all arts and culture in Central New York. Needing to increase awareness of the brand and offerings, the organization applied for a 2019 Market New York grant to increase their marketing budget and ads.



  • Drive visitors to the website.
  • Increase awareness of arts and culture in Central New York.
  • Increase engagement across social media channels.

Strategic Insight

CNY Arts is focused on supporting the arts industry throughout the Central New York region. The organization takes a stand that a healthy arts industry is essential to the quality of life and community in Central New York.

By spreading its message of the vibrant arts scene in Central New York, CNY Arts can continue to improve the quality of life and community for the region.

Strategic Approach

Break the Ice Media worked with CNY Arts to develop a targeted digital advertising campaign to draw on CNY Arts’ position as a promoter, supporter, and celebrator of arts and culture in Central New York.



  • Create geotargeted Facebook campaigns to people within Central New York, New York State, and along the Rte. 81 Corridor to increase page likes, post engagement and website traffic.
  • Create retargeting digital ad campaign to deliver ads to previous website visitors and drive them back to the CNY Arts website.
  • Create and manage social media posting on the CNY Arts Facebook page.


Results to Date:

In nine months, Facebook ads drove over 13,000 clicks to the website.

Retargeting ads drove over 1,800 return visits.

In total, the campaign garnered 3.6 million impressions.

Result Highlights

  • 62% growth of CNY Arts Events Facebook page
  • Facebook ads reached over 645,000 people
  • Campaign garnered 3,619,783 impressions
  • Facebook ads drove 13,084 clicks to CNY Arts website
  • Retargeting ads sent 1,841 people back to CNY Arts website