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Episode 335

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Dana Le is a healthcare innovation expert and Founder at Wander Health. She was previously on the Founding Team and Head of Operations at KidsX, one of the worlds leading digital health ecosystems focused on accelerating pediatric innovation. She built, designed, and managed the programming for the nation’s most prominent healthcare entrepreneurial programs. Prior to this role, she strategized innovative payment models at ECG Management Consultants and cofounded a community ventures program at Dell Medical School.

Dana received her Master’s of Health Administration from Columbia University and Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin. Dana was recently selected as a Forbes 30 Under 30 in Healthcare and a TEDx speaker.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Dana Le about how she came up with the idea for Wander Health and why talking to your customers is the best strategy for remaining relevant. We also discuss the intersection of healthcare and travel and the importance of having access to the right medical care when traveling.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Dana shares more about the evolution of her company and how she took Wander Health from idea to solution
  • She steps us through how she did her research into what travelers need from a health care plan
  • The problem with relying on a telehealth appointment with a US primary care physician or a credit card concierge
  • The three services that Wander Health provides and how people access care when they’re abroad
  • How using Wander Health can enhance the experience for a travel agent or tour operators customers
  • Dana discusses what a greenfield market is and shares her experience of innovating in the travel tech space

Staying Healthy When Traveling

In the latest episode of the #DOTL podcast, guest Dana Le sheds light on an issue that can be a huge concern for many travelers: the limitations of travel medical insurance. She shares her personal experiences, highlighting how she encountered this ongoing issue every time she went abroad.

One of the key insights Dana discovered was the alarming statistic that 40% of people fall ill or sustain injuries while traveling. Considering that approximately 81 million Americans traveled abroad last year, a staggering 33 million individuals face health challenges during their trips. This disruption is significant, regardless of whether people are traveling for business or leisure, as it dampens the overall experience.

How Wander Health Helps

Dana shares the three essential solutions Wander Health offers to address the limitations of travel medical insurance. Their booking service enables travelers to schedule urgent care appointments while abroad. The upcoming chat feature connects users with local doctors via text or WhatsApp, providing guidance on healthcare issues and medication queries.
Wander Health also allows travelers to search for and purchase over-the-counter medication equivalents, even offering delivery services. These comprehensive offerings ensure real-time care and support for individuals navigating healthcare needs while traveling.

Innovating in the Travel Healthcare Space

To foster innovation, it’s essential to listen to customers and understand their needs. Stagnation can be seen in industries like travel and healthcare, where customer experiences often fall short. However, companies that prioritize the customer and adapt to their needs, like certain airlines, can create exceptional experiences and build strong reputations. By actively seeking to improve and innovate, travel healthcare providers can make a significant impact on patients’ lives, even with small changes.


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