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Episode 353

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Jackie Dunfee is a seasoned marketing and brand executive with over a decade of experience crafting groundbreaking marketing strategies for brands. Jackie believes in the transformative power of exploring new cultures and is passionate about elevating unique experiences near and far. As a Client Partner, Travel at, Jackie spearheads strategic partnerships with destinations, attractions, and parks, developing solutions to turbocharge engagement and drive visitation. Jackie was previously the Director of Marketing at Tourism Australia in North America. Jackie has lived in Italy and Australia, experienced over 30 countries across the globe, and is excitedly heading to Japan next.

On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Jackie about how to create video-driven experiences within your marketing to stand out from the crowd. Jackie also shares her experiences working with clients to create campaigns that fit all parts of the funnel.


What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • The importance of making potential travelers immediately associate a certain destination with the visuals they see, creating a direct association
  • Why engaging experiences, such as interactive mapping and showcasing specific itineraries, are crucial in trip planning
  • Why providing information at different stages of the consumer travel journey is crucial
  • Jackie shares how exploring “coopetition” can help people work together for a common goal
  • The need for authentic storytelling to drive attention and create a deeper connection with the destination, showcasing what is unique

Differentiating Your Destination

From her experience in the travel industry, particularly in working with clients, CVVs, DMOs, ski destinations, and resort destinations, Jackie shares invaluable insights about how to effectively market a destination. She emphasizes the importance of differentiation and creating a direct association for potential travelers when promoting a destination by showcasing visual content that resonates with prospective visitors, such as 360-degree videos, allowing viewers to explore the inside of a cruise ship or a cruise room.

Jackie discusses why capturing attention and making a lasting impact in your destination marketing is essential. She digs into how to create engaging experiences and incorporate partner KPIs in video-driven campaigns, and why it’s invaluable for travel brands looking to make a powerful impression on their target audiences.

The Power of Partnership

Jackie emphasizes the power of collaboration and partnerships in the travel industry. She shares how she finds points of connection and looks for win-win situations where each partner gets what they need. She mentions the concept of “coopetition,” where competitors work together for a common goal, and how her company utilizes creative capabilities and data analysis to show relevant content to prospective visitors.

This collaborative approach allows them to access platforms like Pluto TV and Samsung and leverage data partnerships to improve data quality. Jackie’s perspective on collaboration in the travel industry showcases the importance of working together to achieve shared goals and deliver impactful experiences to travelers.

The Personalized Experience

Throughout the episode, Jackie stresses the importance of providing information at all stages of the consumer travel journey. Travelers constantly seek more information and want to feel confident in their choices. Jackie’s team’s commitment to delivering personalized experiences is so important in telling a destination story that resonates.


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