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Episode 5: How to Find Great Partnerships, with Jennifer Ackerson

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Jennifer Ackerson is President and Founder of ALON Marketing Group, a respected tourism sales and marketing consulting company. She specializes in effective strategic development for growing travel and tourism supplier businesses with a focus on B2B and travel-trade client relationship building.

Jennifer is a 20-year veteran of the Travel & Tourism industry with experience in the hotel, destinations, attractions and tours, transportation, restaurant, and travel buyer sectors. Jennifer has an excellent understanding of the tourism and visitor dynamic. Her distinctions include an unparalleled assimilation into the domestic and international buyer/seller relationship, which results in a high level of successful strategic business development activity. Her past work experience includes working for Marriott Hotels, Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau, Riese Restaurants, New York Apple Tours, Skyline Multimedia Entertainment, CitySights NY, and most recently, 15+ years of independent tourism consultation.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why it’s so important to build up the buyer-seller relationship
  • What ALON does to help its clients stand out from the crowd
  • What Travel Trade is
  • Why staying focused is so crucial in the tourism industry
  • ALON’s collaboration programs
  • What’s coming up for ALON
  • Why you can’t be afraid of your team knowing more than you do
  • How to figure out if a partnership is good at the beginning of the relationship
  • Why you need to make sure everyone in a partnership is on board with the project vision
  • What Jennifer and ALON looks for in their clients and partners

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