Fostering Community and Mindful Travel Experiences for Women, with Megan Grant

Episode 377

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On this episode of Destination on the Left, Megan Grant and I talk about how her tours are designed to create a positive social impact. She highlights the trends that are helping her business grow and thrive, including mindful purchasing and lone female travelers. We also discussed the importance of community and how Megan’s tours build community.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • What inspired Megan to start Cherish Tours during the pandemic and how she is creating a positive impact through small group tours
  • How Cherish Tours supports women in business through travel opportunities and social impact
  • Why Megan’s approach in the hospitality industry focuses on creating meaningful connections and experiences for her tour guests
  • How Cherish Tours partners with and supports women-owned or managed businesses in the destinations they visit
  • Some of the destinations Cherish Tours has almost sold out to, and the tailor-made private tours they are currently offering
  • Why an abundant mindset benefits the travel industry

Embracing an Abundant Mindset

Megan dives into the concept of an abundant mindset and why we should prioritize collaboration and mutual support over cutthroat competition. She shares why she firmly believes that a rising tide lifts all boats and why the success of one woman does not diminish the opportunities available to others.

Cherish Tours exemplifies this belief by actively seeking to partner with other travel advisors, fostering an environment of collaboration and shared success. The encouragement for travel advisors to connect and partner with Cherish Tours showcases the flourishing culture of cooperation in the industry, promoting opportunities for growth and mutual support.

Empowering Women Through Travel

One of the central themes we discussed is the importance of uplifting and supporting women as travelers and industry professionals. Megan passionately describes how Cherish Tours is dedicated to providing transformative travel experiences that prioritize mindful purchasing and social impact.

The company amplifies the voices of women in business and actively supports women-owned or managed businesses and initiatives in the destinations they visit. Megan calls Cherish Tours her ‘love note to the travel industry,’ which gives women a sense of community and connection.

Tailor-Made Travel Experiences

Cherish Tours sets itself apart by creating tailor-made travel experiences that prioritize interpersonal connections, community building, and personal choice. Megan’s approach is all about bringing women of all ages and cultural backgrounds together, fostering inclusivity, and celebrating diversity.


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