Building a Purpose-Driven Company Culture, with Nicole Mahoney and TJ Bennett

Episode 382

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On this episode of Destination on the Left, I’m sharing my recent appearance on the Desuckify Work podcast with TJ Bennett. We discuss why people crave purpose-driven work, why it’s important to have a vision, and, more importantly, how to communicate that vision throughout the company. We also discuss building a strong team and how structure and operationalization of your vision and values lead to more flexibility and creativity.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How Travel Alliance Partnership (TAP) influences the economic vitality of local communities through the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry
  • Why having a clear vision and purpose is crucial for attracting and retaining employees and creating a fulfilling work environment
  • Strategies TAP has implemented to maintain team connection and communication in a remote work setup
  • Processes involved in integrating core values and brand promise into internal and external communications when rebranding
  • Why consistently reinforcing the company’s message and core values impacts company culture and the role of employees in contributing to and feeling ownership of the company’s culture
  • How to address the challenges and benefits of managing different generations in the workplace and the significance of training and support in creating a positive work experience

Creating a Purpose-Driven Vision

On the show, we discuss the significance of having a clear vision and purpose and how it helps a business attract and retain employees of all generations. I share more about how I intentionally crafted my company’s vision, emphasizing its evolution over time and continuously refining its direction and purpose.

The discussion sheds light on the need to shift the focus towards purpose-driven work to engage and motivate employees across different generations. I share the potential for small businesses and entrepreneurs to lead the way in shaping positive workplace culture.

Fostering Collaboration and Recognition

Our conversation extends to the value of coaching and mentoring in creating a supportive work culture and why it’s so important to recognize achievements and foster a sense of community among team members. I speak about the impact of structured onboarding for remote and on-site employees and why it’s crucial to create intentional connections and have increased touchpoints in a remote work setting. TJ and I discuss strategies for creating a fulfilling work environment where individuals can be themselves, make mistakes, and find joy in their work.

Aligning Values and Brand Promise

We focused on aligning values and brand promise within TAP and explored the rebranding process, including how the entire team contributed to integrating core values and brand promise. We also discussed why it’s so useful to have a system for recognizing and reinforcing core values, including “nice job” feedback given through an online form, illustrating the company’s consistent effort to uphold its brand promise and values.


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