Evolving Travel Trends and Adventure Tourism, with Sean Hebert

Episode 376

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On this episode of Destination on the Left, Sean Hebert goes deep into the backstory of TourRadar, an organized adventure platform. He shares his perspective on the importance of trust, what adventure travelers are looking for in terms of new experiences, and how TourRadar facilitates amazing collaboration between travelers, tour operators, and travel advisors.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How TourRadar evolved from a consumer-only marketplace to serving travel agents as a time-saving search engine
  • How TourRadar’s recent marketing campaign “The Ultimate Travel Hack” promotes organized adventures as a fun travel opportunity
  • How TourRadar collaborates with destinations and DMOs to promote sustainable tourism and creates campaigns for specific products and areas
  • Why TourRadar’s Adventure Together event was conceived, and how it helps share best practices and address common challenges in the industry
  • How TourRadar’s platform helps travelers and tour operators by providing trust, more choices, and a competitive marketplace

A Gateway to Adventure

Sean discusses how TourRadar serves as a platform to connect travelers, tour operators, and travel agents in over 160 countries. By giving travel enthusiasts the opportunity to access more than 2,500 operators offering a variety of experiences, including safaris, cultural tours, and white water rafting, TourRadar is a hub for adventure travel enthusiasts because it prioritizes inspiring and surprising travelers with unique experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for organized adventures.

Exploring Sustainable Tourism and Collaborative Campaigns

We discuss why TourRadar is so passionate about promoting responsible and sustainable tourism while collaborating with destinations and destination marketing organizations (DMOs). Through innovative campaigns like “The Ultimate Travel Hack,” TourRadar emphasizes the style of organized adventures as a mode of travel rather than focusing solely on specific brands or destinations to encourage collaboration instead of competition among operators.

From Traveler Marketplace to Travel Advisor Support

Sean and I also dig into TourRadar’s evolution, particularly its transition from a consumer-focused marketplace to supporting travel advisors. This transition acknowledges the pivotal role that travel advisors play and positions TourRadar as a time-saving search engine, empowering agents to find and compare itineraries that best meet their clients’ needs.


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