Empowering Destination Marketing with Civitas Pro’s Data Insights, with Tiffany Gallagher

Episode 383

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On this episode of Destination on the Left, I talk with Tiffany Gallagher, Vice President of Operations at Civitas about what Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) mean for the communities where they are established. She shares more about creative funding opportunities designed as a benefit-based vehicle for the travel industry moving forward. Tiffany also discusses the Civitas Pro database and why they created a one-stop shop for all data related to funding for DMOs and other organizations that operate tourism programs.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) provide a self-funding mechanism for the tourism industry and actively support the local economy
  • What impact TIDs have had on communities, with specific examples from Portland, Maine, and Boston, and how they have significantly increased destination marketing organizations’ budgets
  • Why Tiffany and her team created Civitas Pro, a database for destination marketing organizations’ funding, and how tourism organizations can use it to maintain or increase funding
  • Why diverse funding sources, including the formation of new districts and alternative funding models like sales tax increment financing, are essential for capital improvements and infrastructure related to tourism
  • The importance of leaders overcoming fear, implementing new funding vehicles, and embracing an abundant mindset for long-term stability

The Rise of Tourism Improvement Districts

Tiffany joins me on the show to discuss the growing importance of Tourism Improvement Districts (TIDs) and why they’re proving to be such an effective funding mechanism for the tourism industry.

TIDs provide a self-funding mechanism for businesses within a jurisdiction, helping them make a collaborative effort to support the local economy. Tiffany shares more about the success stories of TID implementation in Portland, Maine, and Boston and why those examples underscore their positive impact on destination marketing organizations’ budgets, enhancing their competitiveness and resilience.

TID’s Impact on Community Development

The conversation underscored the pivotal role of TIDs in community development and the shift in the tourism industry’s focus from marketing to contributing to the local economy. The discussion emphasized the need for diverse funding sources to support capital improvements and infrastructure related to tourism, signaling a broader movement toward economic development perspectives. TID implementation in 2021 resulted in a remarkable $21,000,000 in revenue, further solidifying the positive impact on communities and their economic

Introducing Civitas Pro

Civitas Pro is a game-changer in destination marketing and funding advocacy within the tourism industry. It has a comprehensive database for destination marketing organizations’ funding. This tool provides in-depth insights, competitive comparisons, and budget analysis, empowering DMOs to make informed decisions and effectively advocate for funding. I can’t wait for you to hear the full story!


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