Driving Awareness Through Engaging Marketing Content

How this Case Study may be relevant to you: This example of work illustrates Break the Ice Media’s strengths in developing content that inspires travel to the American Southwest.

Areas of Focus: sports and events, leisure travel, international travel, group travel, value of tourism in the community.

We built awareness and inspired travel through targeted email marketing and social media efforts.

Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours
Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours

Situational Analysis

Based in Utah, Southwest Adventure Tours (SWAT) creates tours and adventures in the American Southwest and beyond. Their mission is to allow their guests to build lasting memories by creating exceptional experiences that will touch their hearts, minds and souls. SWAT specializes in tours to National Parks and offers a range of trips and unique itineraries for everyone from the adventure seeker to the leisure traveler.

SWAT hired Break the Ice Media to grow the brand presence for consumers, travel agents and other tour operators through focused and strategic marketing efforts

The Challenge

Implement creative and cohesive marketing efforts to boost growth.

Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours
Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours


  • Increase YOY sales.
  • Increase open and click through rates on all email marketing.
  • Develop engaging marketing content that drives awareness.
  • Nurture relationships with travel agents and past customers to drive repeat business.

Strategic Approach

  • Enhance positioning for SWAT.
  • Carry out key messages through all channels.
  • Supplement messaging through targeting digital channels.
  • Determine personalized messaging for travel trade and past customers.
  • Follow best practices to improve email marketing.
  • Create inspirational story content in multiple formats.
  • Post regularly on social media channels.
  • Optimize web content for organic and referral traffic.
  • Share relevant content with travel agents to build strong relationships.
Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours
Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours
Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours
Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours


  • Email Marketing: Send several emails a month targeting consumers, travel agents and tour operators.
  • Social Media: Utilize automated social media posting, rotating through several posts a week.
  • Reels: Create eye-catching reels that capitalize on trends and inspire travel.
  • Website: Ensure all tours are up to date on the SWAT website.


First Five Months

  • 44% open rate on consumer emails
  • 2.3% clicks on consumer emails
  • 21% increase in website traffic over the same period in 2022
  • Social media improvements compared to the previous five months:
    • 8.4% increase in Facebook reach
    • 41.3% increase in Facebook profile visits
    • 12% increase in Facebook page likes
    • 39.1% increase in Instagram followers
    • 20.5% increase in Instagram engagement

Photo Credit: Southwest Adventure Tours

Result Highlights

  • Redesigned SWAT's email newsletter and started a dedicated and consistent email marketing campaign for three different audiences, sending 8 emails per month.
  • Developed 48 posts to promote National Parks, U.S. States, tour types and key messages.
  • Created quality reels to boost social media engagement and capitalize on current trends.