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We are
a leader
in the tourism industry

With a core belief that we’re stronger together, we work collaboratively with tourism organizations to attract what they need to grow and thrive.

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We work with many different roles within these organizations.

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOS)
We specialize in collaborating with DMOs to boost your region's economic growth and prosperity.
Tour Operators
Do you own a company that packages travel products for sale to a variety of travel buyers? TAP provides an expansive community for you to join.
Destination Products
If you are one of the many businesses, organizations, and attractions that make up the tourism ecosystem of a community, TAP is here to be your strategic thinking partner.
Strategic Partners
We align and collaborate with other businesses strategically to offer more services and savings to our collective community.
Travel Advisors
If you are a travel advisor, TAP's expansive industry member network provides you access to a growth-minded community that understands the value of collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships.

We're Stonger Together

Drawing on decades of collective experience, we boldly embrace cathedral thinking and strive to create something truly exceptional.

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Rhonda Carges
Sarah Martin
Camille Zess


Success Stories

Creating in-market demand for Eclipse drive-market visitation

This project involved attracting visitors from a drive market using creative, out-of-the-box integrated tactics through collaboration in a short-term campaign.
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in-market activation distributions

Driving Awareness Through Engaging Marketing Content

This example of work illustrates Break the Ice Media’s strengths in developing content that inspires travel to the American Southwest.
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email open rate

Tour Operator Ramps Up Business with Digital Ads and Content Strategy

This project involved developing a strategic marketing plan, Google advertising campaigns for lead generation, brand cross-promotion and content development for customer engagement.
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conversions from ads in 2 years

Historical Figure brings DEI to the Forefront: Auburn, NY

This project involved applying DEI principles to a strategic PR and marketing campaign, balancing promotion goals with authentic messaging and community support.
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billion PR impressions

Creating a Destination Program for Group Tours & Meetings

This project required us to build a group tour and meetings program for a destination from scratch.
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in visitor spending

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We believe that tourism makes or breaks entire regions and is critical to economic development. Our purpose is to support economic growth and prosperity within the communities we serve.