The Importance of Core Values

Living in today’s world has been an experience unlike any we have been through before. So much of what we knew to be true, expected to happen and planned for, drastically changed for so many of us. At Break the Ice Media, working in the travel and tourism industry is what we do, who we are, and what we love. This industry looks different today. Long haul trips have been replaced in many instances with local and drivable get-a-ways, international travel has been put on hold, and many marketing plans, objectives, goals, and insights all must be redefined. So much has changed that is out of our control, however how we respond to it and what we do because of it, is completely up to us.

the importance of core values

Staying Focused

As we move through these extraordinary times, it is important that we dig deep inside and remain true to ourselves and stay focused on what is most important to us – who we are and the values we believe in. Staying intentional to your core values will help guide your actions and decisions bringing you to a place of clarity and strength. BTIM has seven core values. Yes, we share them openly on our Join Us webpage, but more than that, we live by them every day. Core company values shape company culture and impact business strategy. They help create a purpose, improve team connectivity, and create a sense of commitment in the workplace.

Talent Attraction

In this virtual world, taking away the constraints of physical locations has provided organizations access to a large talent pool of professionals. This also means there are more options for talented people to choose from as far as the types of organizations they work for. Company values play a critical role in talent attraction: 46% of job seekers cite company culture as very important in choosing where to work.

Well-defined core values also helps organizations get the right candidates. It’s one thing to hire someone who has the right talent, it’s another to understand if they would be a cultural fit. If there are no defined values, it will be difficult to make sure a potential candidate shares those same values.

Stability & Confidence

Your core values help maintain stability and confidence in existing team members. Because company values reflect what the company stands for, the entire team shares in the sense of responsibility. Every decision a team member makes should be aligned with the company values.

Having a strong team who believe in and work together toward sharing and understanding the core values, is a must. Equally important to our team is that our clients know who we are and what we believe in. Combining our industry knowledge, forward thinking mindset and unwavering commitment to our values, is what we bring to each and every client relationship. We hold in high regard the trust placed in us to counsel, guide and work with our clients to represent them and achieve results that are greater than they could do themselves. As much as we share who we are, we work to understand our clients and the values they live by. Having that understanding allows for informed decisions and provides guidance to the best path forward.

The seven core values we live by at Break the Ice Media are: Passionate; Light-Hearted; Authentic; Collaborative; Equitable; Growth-Minded; Transparent.

What are yours?

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