Top Tourism Campaigns of 2023

Once again, we’ve taken a look back at the tourism marketing campaigns of the past year. We found upbeat and exciting ideas that simultaneously express simplicity and relaxation. The top tourism campaigns of 2023 return focus to the basics of a destination – their people, places, and beauty. Here are five of our favorite campaigns from 2023, and why we love them.

Seattle, Washington: Microadventure After Microadventure

Often when we see tourism marketing, its goal is to attract visitors to the area for something specific, whether it be an event, attraction, or something else. Explore Seattle Southside took an interesting approach with its “Microadventure After Microadventure” campaign. This campaign demonstrates a looser approach to travel, allowing the trip to develop in the moment. The microadventure idea allows them to highlight some of their best attractions, giving the viewer a blueprint of ideas to follow.

Why We Love It:

This campaign serves as a good reminder that it’s equally important to draw visitors to an area for the sake of just experiencing and enjoying it. Not every trip needs to be planned for a big reason, as the microadventures can take you far. Microadventures is a great name to go along with the trends toward slow tourism, hidden gems and traveling like a local.

Travel South Dakota: So Much South Dakota, So Little Time

Following a similar trend, South Dakota’s “So Much South Dakota, So Little Time” campaign shows off all the area has to offer, and its ability to offer lots of adventure and human connection over digital connections. Since travelers crave that change of pace versus former bucket list items that involve long lines or busy crowds. Its tone is simple yet mysterious, targeting family travelers to “grab the kids and go” because there is so much to explore.

Why We Love It:

The simple yet meaningful message under this campaign is a refreshing take on wide-open-space travel. It appeals to emotions around wanderlust, exploration and learning, while showing potential visitors the type of trip they want to take is possible in this destination.

Canada: Take Your Maple Leave

With the stress of everyday life (especially in the last few years), Destination Canada invites foreign travelers to the country to visit for a breath of fresh air and real sunlight for a “Maple Leave.” The campaign uses its classic resources, unique experiences and the beauty of Canada’s outdoors to explain why visitors should come.

Why We Love It:

In Destination Canada’s words, this campaign is truly a “breath of fresh air,” and is meant to attract travelers who are looking for just that. The fun tone, tongue-in-cheek humor and trendy cultural references (like SAD lamps versus actual sunlight) make for a compelling campaign. And of course, we do love a play on words.

Philippines: LOVE, The Philippines

“LOVE, The Philippines” allows the destination to speak for itself. The nearly 2-minute-long video has no spoken words, and no written words until after the halfway point. The stunning visuals showcasing bright colors and unique experiences are more than enough to encourage viewers to travel there. This campaign is a prime example that less is more.

Why We Love It:

The connection between people, scenery, culture, and experiences tells travelers all they need to know about the destination. With the upbeat background music and subtle messages on screen, this campaign is a perfect blend of simple and exciting.

NYC: #WhatsGoodNYC

The final campaign that grabbed our attention and didn’t let go in 2023 was based around New York City Tourism’s rebrand from NYC & Company to New York City Tourism + Conventions. Along with a new visual identity and brand strategy, NYC launched #WHATSGOODNYC on their social channels. This is meant to focus on the opinions of the people in the city, and to show those looking to travel to the area authentic and realistic ideas of what they should do, and what’s “good” in NYC.

Why We Love It:

Launching a rebrand is no easy feat, and we admire the campaign NYC launched along with this big change. The focus of the new brand is so clearly centered around the people, both within the city and wanting to visit it. Rebranding is something a lot of companies go through to improve themselves, and this is a beautifully executed example!

Bonus: we also love the idea that “pizza is the fruit of NYC”!

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